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Swage it S650 Version 2 for Small Primer


 Product Description

Watch our Installation and Operation video located here: Video

We are proud to announce the new V2 Swage It Primer Pocket Swager for the Dillon XL650 bullet press. Included is the mount, the small primer pin, and mounting hardware. Everything that you need to swage .223, or any other calibers that utilize small primers. The V2 swager has been redesigned to drastically reduce any mount movement while swaging as well as some other minor design improvements.

Whats Different Between Version 1 vs Version 2?


On our original mount there were just 2 holes drilled into the mount and it would be attached by machine screws with locking washers. For most people that worked well but some complained that the mount would loosen while swaging. On the mount we have drilled and countersunk the holes as deep as we could to do 2 things. 1. By using the largest head sized tapered screws that we could source, the surface area of the tapered head will lock down the mount far better than the original design and 2. By going as deep as we could go with the taper, we are virtually eliminating any flex from the screws. Combine that with lowering the mounting holes by 0.010, the mount will lock into place securely with very little flex or movement.


Below are the list of benefits using our swager.

  • Machined from billet aerospace stainless steel.
  • Heat Treated / Hardened to ensure longevity.
  • Will not rust like tool steel.
  • Properly re-sizing primer pockets can be achieved because our swager is frame mounted.
  • You will never experience the swaging pin sticking inside the primer pocket or hitting the shell plate.
  • No need to remove the rotary primer disk which means that you can swage in a matter of minutes without the need of time consuming disassembly of the primer system.
  • The easiest setup available.
  • Engineered to properly swage on the Dillon XL650.
  • Our swager actually re-sizes the primer pocket and adds the correct fillet.
  • Use your case feeder and swage over 1000 rounds per hour.
  • Proudly Made In The USA!
  • Our swagers are protected by U.S. Patent No. 9,494,398.

You will not be disappointed in the Swage It S650. We back our products by an unconditional lifetime warranty. If your swager breaks or wears out, just send it back to us and we will send you another free of charge!

We are not in any way affiliated with Dillon Precision.

 Product Videos

Swage It S650 Swager for the Dillon XL650 Reloading Press Installation and Operation Video
  • Swage It S650 Swager for the Dillon XL650 Reloading Press Installation and Operation Video
    We will show you how to install and operate the Swage It S650 ...

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 Product Reviews

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  1. Works like a dream 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Jan 11th 2017

    The quality of the machining, fit and finish are great. It works like a dream on FC-NT 9 mm brass. I now prefer this method over the Super swage 600.
    Purchase was easy and shipping was speedy, making SwageIt a pleasure to deal with.


    Posted by on Nov 25th 2016

    Have just run 2500 9mm range brass with my XL650 with the Mark7 AutoDrive this combo is a no brainer as the swage it detects ringers and the Mark7 clutches out discard the casing and sit back and watch your money being saved a great high quality add on to any 650.

  3. Swage It for Dillon 650 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Nov 17th 2016

    This swager saves so much time and fits perfectly. I can't believe Dillon didn't think of this first. As soon as I opened the box and looked it over, I knew this was a well made tool. What else is there to say? You need this tool if you have a Dillon 650 and want to process brass quickly and efficiently.

  4. Doesn't get easier 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Nov 17th 2016

    First impression was "This little piece of metal cost $100?!"

    So far I've used it with about 300 rds and it works well. Very easy to use and doesn't add any time to brass prep.

    Definitely worth getting if you plan on processing a lot. My only issue is the price. For what you're getting, it shouldn't cost $100. But you're limited on cheaper options that process as fast.

  5. excelent time saver. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Nov 7th 2016

    I use to load 223 on a single stage due to the hassle of having to remove the primer crimps. This limited me to 50-100 cases at a time. Now since I can decap size and swage I'm able to run 750-1000 pieces of brass at a time even if I'm not planning to fully load that much. With the time savings and ease of this I have brass ready to load.

  6. Works Great!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Oct 31st 2016

    I read several reviews on this product before ordering. Ordering was painless and shipping was lightning fast. When I received mine, the finish was not as shiny as you see here or as I saw in the reviews. The finish on mine appears more satin...I'm guessing that is inconsequential as it is still plated with no machine marks noted. Installation was as easy as 2 screws. 500 rounds of WCC 9MM cases processed in no time. It definitely has a feel to get used to, less than 20 rounds. I loaded 300 this evening and of the 300, maybe 5 hit the scrap bin for crooked primers. Now, I'm sure had a massaged the shell plate or handle a bit, the primers would've went right in. The swaged pockets all passed primer pocket gauge and primers still pressed in with enough resistance to know I wont be digging them out of my trigger assy!

  7. Swageit works great on the Dillon 650 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jan 13th 2016

    After purchasing the small rifle Swageit for the Dillon 650, I prepped 1000 pieces ing once fired, crimped military brass with the swager installed. I experienced no issues while swaging primer pockets. It required no more pressure to swage than it did to seat a primer. The tool remained tight during the entire batch and did not require retightening. When repriming, I only had two instances of failure to seat out of the batch of 1000. These could have been due to an indexing issue as they seated fine after punching out and retrying. Overall, this is a solid improvement and highly recommended.

  8. Fantastic upgrade! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Dec 30th 2015

    If you need to swage primers, THIS IS THE TOOL! I have used the Dillon Superswage, and several other press mounted swagers. This is by far the fastest and most consistent swager I have used! Easier than the Dillon, and faster, and it has much better results that the other models, including CH4, etc.

    It's easy to install on the press, and looks terrific--much better production quality than any other swager. The only drawback (and it's a minor one) is that every hundred rounds or so, I have to tighten the two bolts. No biggy...just thought I would mention it to be complete in my review.

    I do a LOT of once fired Lake City military .223 brass, as well as WCC 9mm brass, and all have crimped primers. This swager makes quick work out of them. I will definitely buy another one for large primers!

  9. Swage It Test 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Oct 16th 2015

    I finally had a chance to test the Swage It on my 650. I prepared 1,000 rounds of mixed headstamp crimped 223. After the brass was sized, pockets done with the Swage It, and trimmed, it was time to load.
    All 1,000 pockets primed with very little problems, a few had to be moved a little in the shell plate to get the alignment right, but that's it. I've had a bad experience with another 650 mounted swager so I was a bit hesitant to give it another try. I have to say the Swage It worked great and would highly recommend it.

  10. Swage It Swager Works Great for Me 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Oct 7th 2015

    I'm a relatively low-volume Class 06 ammo manufacturer. I run two Dillon 650 presses. I'm currently loading .223s, using once-fired Lake City brass that I buy in bulk.

    I process my brass on 650 # 1, as follows: Station 1, decap, using Lee sizing die, but don't bump shoulders; Station 2, swage primer pockets, using the Swage It swager; Station 4, final size and trim, using Dillon form and trim die with RT 1200 trimmer.

    I'm impressed with the design, fit and finish of the Swage It swager. Installation was simple, and I didn't encounter any problems lining up the swager with the primer pockets.

    I have only done, at this point, a short run of brass using the Swage It, but all the cases primed easily, and the press runs smoothly. I'll post a follow-u- review, after I've swaged a few thousand pieces of brass.

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