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New And Improved Dillon 650 Swagers Are Now Available!


Whats Different Between Version 1 vs Version 2?

On our original mount there were just 2 holes drilled into the mount and it would be attached by machine screws with locking washers. For most people that worked well but some complained that the mount would loosen while swaging. On the mount we have drilled and countersunk the holes as deep as we could to do 2 things. 1. By using the largest head sized tapered screws that we could source, the surface area of the tapered head will lock down the mount far better than the original design and 2. By going as deep as we could go with the taper, we are virtually eliminating any flex from the screws. Combine that with lowering the mounting holes by 0.010, the mount will lock into place securely with very little flex or movement.

The Bullet Handle™ for Dillon Reloading Presses

We are proud to announce our newest addition, the Bullet Handle™. These handles feel great when operating your press and look even better!

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Dillon S550 Swagers are complete and are shipping now!

The 550 swagers are in stock!Thank you for everyone that pre-orderd the S550 swager. They are shipping today 01/02/16. Please note that the pre-order discount code is no longer valid.We have completed the design and production of the Swage It S550 swager for the Dillon RL550B. You can expect the same performance of our popular [...]

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Dillon 550 Pre-Order Now Available

We have started production on the swager for the Dillon 550. They should be available to ship by 12/31/15. We are offering a 10% discount for all pre-orders. Just add the product to your cart and the discount will automatically apply.

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Dillon 550 Swager Update

We have been working hard to come up with the best solution for the swager for the Dillon 550. We have chosen the best materials and the best possible design. Currently we have many units out beta testing and expect production to begin in 10 days. Pre-orders will be available on or before 12/7/2015 for [...]

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Current Projects Update

We are still about 2 weeks form a finished product on the Dillon 550 swager. Besides working the the Hornady Lock-n-Load, we are also working on a swager for the RCBS ProChucker 5 and 7. Check back for updates.

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Current Projects

We are currently working on the swage for the Dillon 550. We expect to have the testing completed in the next 4 weeks. Also, we are in the design phase for a swage for the Hornady Lock-N-Load AP. The swage will allow you to use your case feeder as well as not having to touch any [...]

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Introducing the Swage It S650!

We are proud to announce the Swage It Primer Pocket Swager for the Dillon XL650 bullet press! Below are the list of benefits using our swage.Machined from billet aerospace stainless steelProperly re-sizing primer pockets cannot be achieved by a spring loaded swage as it will get stuck in the primer pocket. That is why ours is [...]

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